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Don Batten

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Don Batten
Don Batten.jpg
Born 5 February 1951 Australia
Spouse Lesley
Religious affiliation Christian
Converted 1961
Converted under Campaigners for Christ

Dr. Don Batten (1951– ) is a well-known creationist, researcher, and writer, who specializes in agriculture. He is also the CEO of Creation Ministries International in Australia.

Secular career

Batten has a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, with first class honours, from the University of Sydney and a Ph.D. from the Department of Agronomy and Horticultural Science at the same university. He worked as a research horticulturist with NSW Agriculture at their Tropical Fruit Research Station in Alstonville (northern New South Wales) from 1976 to 1994, when he resigned to join Creation Ministries International.

He wrote papers for several scientific journals, including the Australian Journal of Plant Physiology and the Annals of Botany. His 1995 paper with C.A. McConchie, "Floral induction in growing buds of lychee", overturned previously-accepted management of lychee and mango crops which was causing economic losses.

Creationist career

Batten joined the then Creation Science Foundation (now Creation Ministries International) in 1994. He is one of the editors of Creation magazine and frequent contributor to both that magazine and the ministry's peer-reviewed Journal of Creation. He has co-authored the book One Blood, been a contributing editor of The Creation Answers Book, and has contributed to and written several booklets.

Batten is one of CMI's speakers, and a contributor to articles on their web-site, where he responds to readers' feedback. He became the CEO of CMI Australia in March 2015 upon the retirement of Carl Wieland.

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