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Adam and Eve

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Adam and Eve were the progenitors of the human race, created by God on the sixth and final day of creation.[1]

According to the opening chapters of Genesis, Adam was alone and needed a companion, so God put him sleep, took out one of his ribs and created a woman from it whom Adam named Eve. They were naked and felt no shame.[2]God gave them everything in the Garden of Eden except the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, commanding them not to eat the fruit of this tree alone.[3] But Satan, in the form of a serpent,[4] tempted Eve to eat the fruit, and she in turn offered it to Adam who was there with her. After eating the fruit, their eyes were opened and they realized that they were naked and hid themselves when God next came to the garden. Then God spoke to them about why they hid, and about their disobedience in eating the fruit, after which He expelled them from the Garden, and cursed Creation.[5]

In Christian theology it is an important point that Eve was deceived into eating the fruit, but Adam consciously disobeyed God's prohibition. Eve was apparently not present when God prohibited eating from the tree and the serpent questioned the actual content and intent of God's prohibition. Adam on the other hand knew exactly what God had told him about not eating the fruit, but ate it anyway. It is for this reason that Adam, as the federal head of humankind, is accounted responsible for bringing sin (and death) into Creation.


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