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Gospel of Luke

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The Gospel of Luke (often referred to as just Luke) is the third book of the New Testament. Like the other Gospels, it tells the story of Jesus' life and ministry. Along with the Gospel of Matthew, it is one of two Gospels that contains the story of Jesus' birth and His genealogy, in Luke's case on his mother's side.

Luke is distinguished by its scrupulous attention to historical detail, particularly regarding chronology: many dates in Luke can be verified by other contemporary sources. It is also notable for its emphasis on compassion; for example, it is the only Gospel that contains the story of the repentant thief, where one of the criminals crucified with Jesus defends Him against the other (Luke 23:39-43).

The author of the Gospel of Luke, Luke, also wrote the Book of Acts, which takes up the story immediately after the Gospel ends, telling of what Jesus' followers did after His ascension.

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