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Gospel of Mark

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The Gospel according to Mark is one of the four Gospels in the Bible and the second book of the New Testament. As one of the synoptic Gospels, it tells the story of Jesus' life, ministry, death and resurrection. Mark is thought to have been the first Gospel to be written and is also the shortest; it does not contain the story of Jesus' birth which appears in Matthew and Luke, and contains very little which does not appear in any of the other Gospels. However, its compact length makes it ideal for teaching those unfamiliar with the life of Jesus about His most important deeds and teachings.

The book's author, John Mark, does not appear in the Gospel (although some identify him with an unnamed young man who was present at the time of Jesus' arrest - Mark 14:51-52). However, he is named in Acts as one of the early disciples who spread the news of Christianity after Jesus' ascension.

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