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Haggai (Biblical book)

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The Book of Haggai is one of the books of the Old Testament, grouped as one of the twelve minor prophets. It records four prophecies given through Haggai in the second year of King Darius of Persia, after the exile to Babylon.

The first prophecy rebukes the Israelites for not rebuilding the Temple, even though they were already dwelling in prosperous houses. God says that this is why He has sent a drought on the land. Led by Zerubbabel son of Shealtiel descendant of King David, governor of Judea, and Jeshua the high priest, the people obeyed God's word and continued to rebuild the Temple. This prophecy is also described in the Book of Ezra, where it is explained that the Israelites had stopped building the Temple per a command from the king of Persia; however, once Haggai had convinced them to continue building, they were able to gain royal consent by reminding the king of Cyrus's original decree.

The second prophecy, delivered one month and twenty days later, encourages the people to persevere despite this temple being nowhere near as glorious as Solomon's temple, because, "the desire of all nations shall come: and I will fill this house with glory." While some modern translations translate this as "the wealth of all nations," traditionally "the desire of all nations" has been understood to refer to Messiah.

The third prophecy, delivered two months later, reminds the Israelites that their obedience has ended the drought.

The fourth prophecy, delivered the same day to Zerubbabel, says that God will make him his "signet" ring. This is thought by many to refer to the fact that Zerubbabel was one of the ancestors of Joseph, wife of Mary, mother of Jesus Christ.

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