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The Research namespace has been provided to allow a place for gathering and storing information used by editors to research the topics of their articles.

When researching information for an article, you may find it useful to create a page where you can gather, store, and arrange information that you will be using in your article. Doing this on the Wiki allows others access to your research information, and they might add to it also.

Creating a Research page

You create a research page the same way you create any other page, except that you prefix it with "Research:", and you name it with the same name as the article. For example, if you want a research page for your [[Fred Flintstone]] article, you would title it [[Research:Fred Flintstone]].

The first entry on your article page should be an {{Article}} template. This will detect the presence of the research page, and provide a link to it.

Also, the first entry on your research page should be a {{Research}} template. This explains what the page is and provides a link to the article page.

Layout of Research pages

Like talk pages, Research pages are not intended to be "public" pages (although they are not restricted in any way, and, like talk pages, can be viewed by anyone). As such, the layout does not need to be aesthetically pleasing, but it will still be useful to both yourself and other editors to arrange the information in sections under appropriate headings, in tables, etc.

However, it may be appropriate at times to have additional links from the article to particular headings of the research page where further information not appropriate for the article itself may be found. This might include additional quotes or lists of information.

Research pages, like other Wiki pages, are intended to be edited by multiple users; they are not the private domains of the original or main editors of their associated articles. So other editors may rearrange and/or reformat the information as they see fit, just as with article pages.

However, as the pages are storages for research information, it will not normally be appropriate to remove information (unless it is incorrect, irrelevant, etc.).


The Research namespace allows for sub-pages, which may be useful in organising a large body of research.

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