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History is the story of humanity. More broadly it may refer to the history of creation and the world before man (this is known specifically as pre-history- note, however, that from the Creationist point of view, there are only five days of pre-history). Secular history (such as empires and scientific progress) and salvation history (the Covenant with Abraham and the sending of Jesus Christ) are often seen as separate studies. However, history is complete only when God's workings are considered alongside those of man.

Studies in History

World history, consisting of:

  • Ancient history (up to AD 500)
  • Middle Ages (AD 500-1500)
  • Renaissance (AD 1300-1600)
  • Pre-Modern Era (AD 1500-1900)
  • Modern Era (AD 1900-Present day)

National history, such as:

  • British history
  • American history
  • Roman history

Intellectual history

Cultural history

Social history, including:

Historical revisionism

Historical revisionism is the ongoing critical reevaluation of historical theories in light of new evidence, sources, and studies. The term "revisionist" is often applied to historians actively challenging orthodox views, as part of the ongoing historical debate, especially since the 1960s. The term is also applied pejoratively, describing ideologically motivated distortion of history to match an agenda (such as Japanese whitewashing of the Nanjing Massacre in state textbooks).

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