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A man is a person, someone descended from Adam and therefore made in the image of God.[1]

The term, used this way, is largely synonymous with human and human being. Collectively, men are also known as humanity or mankind.

Man is also used to refer to a male person, a use that has become much more common in the last century.

Man in relation to God and creation

Like the rest of creation, man was created without fault or defect, as indicated by God describing His creation as "very good".[2] Man was given the role of being in charge of the rest of creation[3], although he does not own it,[4] but is looking after it for God.

Man's place in creation can also be noted from the fact that when man sinned, the whole of creation suffered.[5][6]

The prophet Isaiah foretold that the Saviour would be a "redeemer".[7] A redeemer was a relative who bought a slave from his slave master so as to set him free.[8] So to be our redeemer, Jesus had to be related to us. Even though he always existed[9], Jesus was born to Mary so as to fulfil the requirement to be a descendant of Adam.

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