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Nahum (Biblical book)

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The Book of Nahum is a prophetic text included among the twelve minor prophets in the Old Testament. Written in the style of a Mesopotamian song of doom, it is entirely concerned with predicting the downfall of the city of Nineveh. After a general introduction stating God's great power and the terrible wrath He wreaks on those who displease Him (starting at Nahum 1:2), it goes on to denounce Nineveh as wicked and corrupt, and to predict destruction and misery for the city and its inhabitants.

According to Nahum, Nineveh's crimes include deceit (Nahum 3:1), sorcery (Nahum 3:4) and economic irresponsibility (Nahum 3:16). However, the book concentrates far less on detailing these sins than it does on painting a vivid picture of Nineveh's cataclysmic destruction (eg Nahum 2:9-10, Nahum 3:15).

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