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Nehemiah (Biblical book)

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The Book of Nehemiah is one of the historical books of the Old Testament. Together with Ezra, which precedes it, it forms an account of the period of Jewish history following the Jews' return to Jerusalem after the end of their captivity in Babylon. The book is named after Nehemiah, a Jewish servant of the Persian king Artaxerxes.

At the start of the book, Nehemiah hears that the Jews who have recently returned to Jerusalem are in dire trouble, and prays to God to help them. He asks the king to send him to Jerusalem, and the king agrees. Once at the city, Nehemiah uses his royal dispensation to supervise the rebuilding of the city walls, and stands up for the poor people who are being exploited by wealthy nobles and officials.

When his work is done, Nehemiah and Ezra reestablish the Mosaic law and hold a feast, and the people repent of their sins and renew their covenant with God.

In addition to the historical account, the book contains several lists: of those who returned to Jerusalem from exile; of those who repented; and of the priests and Levites who returned.

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