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Obadiah (Biblical book)

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The Book of Obadiah is a short book in the Old Testament, usually categorised as one of the minor prophets. It is a work of prophecy, written by the prophet Obadiah. It is just one chapter long, making it one of the shortest books of the Old Testament.

The book is entirely concerned with the land of Edom, whose people, the Edomites, were thought to be the descendents of Jacob's brother Esau. Edom was located to the south-east of what is now modern-day Israel. Obadiah prophesies terrible destruction for Edom, at least partly in repayment for injustices committed against the Jewish people.

Edom no longer exists as a nation, so it could be argued that Obadiah's prophecies have been fulfilled, at least broadly speaking. This means that the book no longer has any immediate relevance, except on a thematic, literary, symbolic or historical level. It still stands as a good example of an Old Testament account of the vengeful outpouring of the wrath of God.

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