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Old Testament

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The Old Testament is the first of two parts of the Bible. It deals with the creation of the world and its early history; the history of the Jews up to their exile to Babylon; songs and poetry; proverbs and philosophy; and prophecies. The Old Testament is accepted as God's revelation in Judaism (where it is called the Tanakh) and Christianity. Many Muslims consider the Old Testament to be God's revelation but corrupted,[1] although the Qur'an tends to treat it as accurate.[2]

The Old Testament is important to Christians because Christ the New Testament makes little sense without the background found in the Old Testament. For example Christ as King makes no sense without the history of actual kings in Israel and Judah. Christ as Messiah makes no sense without desperate conditions through which Israel looks for a Messiah. Christ as saviour makes no sense without the need to be saved, which came about with the Fall in Genesis.

Not only did the Word of God have to be incarnated as man to form the bridge between the human and the divine, but he must have by necessity been a man foretold by prophesy to establish his pedigree. And prophesy requires a whole infrastructure to allow it to exist, including a book, a nation, and people who are willing to heed the prophet.


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