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For the specific Biblical book, see Book of Revelation

Revelation is what God has revealed to man. The Old Testament is an example of revelation, though the coming of Jesus Christ in the flesh is the greatest revelation in history.

Sources of revelation

Christians recognise two forms of revelation. Special revelation is what God has revealed to man directly, such as through the Bible. General revelation is what God has revealed through nature.

All Christians agree that the Bible is a chief source of revelation. However, while Protestants believe that the Bible is the only reliable source of revelation, Roman Catholics believe that "sacred tradition" (unwritten revelation protected and explained by the Church) is also a reliable source of revelation.


The significance of special revelation cannot be overlooked. While mankind may discover certain elements of God through nature and reason, divine revelation is the only way that we can truly know the true God. A crucial doctrine like the Trinity can only be discovered through special revelation.

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