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Stephen Jay Gould

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Stephen Jay Gould
Born 10 September 1941
Died 2002
Parents Eleanor
Religious affiliation Marxism

Stephen Jay Gould (1941—2002) was one of America's best-known scientists, famous for co-authoring (with Niles Eldredge) a new version of evolution and the concept of Non-Overlapping Magisteria. He was the author of many books, and a respected although often controversial professor of zoology at Harvard and of biology at New York University. Gould was also an anti-creationist, including testifying at the Arkansas creation trial, although is also often quoted by creationists, particularly of his comments about the "extreme rarity" of transitional forms in the fossil record.


Gould showed every indication of being a Marxist,[1][2], and had learned Communism "on his father’s knee".[3] His mother was also an atheist.[3] However, his wife said that her husband did not like to be pigeon-holed, and often said that he was an agnostic, and not an atheist.[3] Nevertheless, his worldview often demonstrated Marxist thinking.[2]

Project Steve

American anti-creationist group the National Center for Science Education ran a campaign soliciting names of scientists who supported evolution as a response to various lists of scientists who didn't support evolution, and named this campaign Project Steve after Gould. To put your name to their list you had to be named Stephen or some variation of that name.


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