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Template:Australian Parliament

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Australian Parliament
Dates {{{date from}}}—
Prime Minister(s)

Template: Australian Parliament
Use on/in Articles
Use for Infobox
Category template applies to page Australian government
Template Parameters
(See Template style manual).
Name Purpose Required? SMW property Comment
name Infobox header No Defaults to page name
date from Start date of parliament Yes
date to End date of parliament No
PM L Prime Minister No
party L Political party in power No

NB: The PM L and party L parameters will automatically link these fields, but only if they do not include the ]] string. If the ]] string is included, the template will not link the values, allowing the square brackets you include in the values to provide the link. There are not separate PM and party parameters.

Data block

The data block below can be copied to the page required to save typing it out.

If a parameter in the data block below has a hash character (#), this indicates that the template supplies a default if the parameter is not supplied. Remove the hash if you want to supply a value to this parameter. See Data block on the Template style manual page for more information.

{{Australian Parliament
 |date from=
 |date to=
 |PM L=
 |party L=

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