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Template: Bibleref
Use on/in Articles
Use for Activating RefTagger
Category template applies to page (none)

Template: Bibleref
Use on/in
Use for
Category template applies to page (none)
Template Parameters
(See Template style manual).
Name Purpose Required? SMW property Comment
1 Displayed Bible reference yes
2 Actual Bible reference no Defaults to parameter 1

The RefTagger software recognises most Bible references, but some "incomplete" ones, such as Luke, John 10, or v. 16 are not recognised. Enclosing such references in this template allows RefTagger to work with these references.

Parameter 2 should be any valid reference, as described at RefTagger, with the exception that if a version is supplied, it must be placed before the actual reference, the opposite of how RefTagger works normally.


  • {{Bibleref|v. 16|Luke 1:16}} will appear as v. 16
  • {{Bibleref|v. 16|Luke 1:16 KJV}} will appear as v. 16, but does not work, as the version (KJV) is after the reference.
  • {{Bibleref|v. 16|KJV Luke 1:16}} will appear as v. 16, and does work, as the version is before the reference.

NB: This template appears to not follow the Template style manual, but "Bibleref" is treated as a single-word name of the Bibleref semantic markup.

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