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Fatal error: Parameter coordinates must be a valid location.

Template: Country
Use on/in Articles about countries
Use for Insert an infobox about the country
Category template applies to page Nations
Template Parameters
(See Template style manual).
Name Purpose Required? SMW property Comment
name name of country, state, or territory no Defaults to page name
map map location no Defaults to page name
map zoom integer yes See zoom below
flag flag image no
arms Coat of arms no
capital L Capital no
anthem L Anthem no
language L Language no
king L King no
queen L Queen no
monarch Monarch other than a king or queen no
president L President no
chancellor L Chancellor no
pm L Prime Minister no
chairman L Chairman no
area Area of country no
pop Population no Population
pop-basis Basis of population (e.g. "2004 census") yes Only required if pop is supplied
religion L Religion with the largest population no
christian pop Population that is Christian no
currency Currency no
Linked parameters

Parameters ending in a capital L are automatically linked, unless they already have ]] in them.

See Linked parameters on the Template style manual page for more information.


The zoom parameter needs to be set to a suitable value. Google Maps have zoom levels starting at 0 for the entire world, up to about 18 or so for maximum zoom. This parameter must be an integer; Google Maps will not accept fractional values. The following list will give you some idea of required zoom levels to fit the entire country in the map, but the best solution is to try different zoom levels until it looks right:

  • 2 China
  • 3 Australia
  • 4 India
  • 5 France
  • 6 Netherlands
  • 7 Kuwait
  • 8 Qatar
  • 9 Singapore
  • 10 Malta
  • 13 Monaco
  • 15 Vatican City
Data block

The data block below can be copied to the page required to save typing it out.

If a parameter in the data block below has a hash character (#), this indicates that the template supplies a default if the parameter is not supplied. Remove the hash if you want to supply a value to this parameter. See Data block on the Template style manual page for more information.

|name		=
|#map		=
|map zoom	=
|flag		=
|arms		=
|capital L	=
|language L	=
|king L		=
|queen L        =
|monarch	=
|president L	=
|chancellor L	=
|pm L		=
|area		=
|pop		=
|pop-basis	=
|religion L	=
|christian pop	=
|currency	=
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