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Template:Linked value

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Template: Linked value
Use on/in Templates
Use for Automatically linking the parameter
Category template applies to page (none)
Template Parameters
(See Template style manual).
Name Purpose Required? SMW property Comment
1 Value to be linked No
2 Display value No Not used unless parameter 1 is not an empty string.

Any parameter passed to this template will automatically be linked, unless it is already linked. Specifically, if the parameter includes the string ]], it will not be linked, otherwise it will be. In this latter case, if parameter 2 is supplied, it will be the display value of the link.

If no parameter is passed, nothing will be output.

  • {{Linked value|Bible}} will be converted to [[Bible]] which will display as Bible.
  • {{Linked value|English [[Bible]]}} will be passed straight through (no conversion) and will display as English Bible.
  • {{Linked value|Bible|English Bible}} will be converted to [[Bible|English Bible]] and will display as English Bible.
  • {{Linked value|}} or {{Linked value}} will display nothing.

This template reduces the need to use the {{2 if 1}} and {{1 of 2}} templates.

There is no value in using this template on an article page. It should only be used within other templates.

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