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Template: Parm
Use on/in Template documentation pages
Use for A single parameter (see below)
Category template applies to page (none)

The {{parm}} parameter has been used four times in the table below, once for each row after the two heading rows.

Template Parameters
(See Template style manual).
Name Purpose Required? SMW property Comment
1 Parameter name yes
2 Purpose of the parameter yes
3 Normally yes or no to indicate whether use of the parameter is required yes see note A
4 SMW property (if applicable) no
5 Comment, including any default value no


  • If a parameter has a default value (including an empty value), mark the "Required" column with "no", and explain the default (if not blank) in the "Comment" column.
  • If a parameter must be provided by the user but can be blank, mark this column with "yes", but see note B.
  • If a parameter must be provided by the user but cannot be blank, mark this section with "yes" and explain what's required in the comment column.


If a field can be blank, make this a default value rather than expect the editor to provide an empty parameter. In the following example, the first two parameter have been provided (as "1" and blank respectively), but the remaining two parameters have not peen provided. Parameter 3 has no default value, so {{{3}}} shows instead. Parameters 4 and 5 have a blank default, so the columns appear blank.

Name Purpose Required? SMW property Comment
1 {{{3}}}

NB: Copied from my own work on Conservapedia.

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