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Template:Pull quote

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Quote goes here
—Quotee name here

Template: Pull quote
Use on/in Articles
Use for Pull quotes
Category template applies to page (none)
Template Parameters
(See Template style manual).
Name Purpose Required? SMW property Comment
1 Text of quote Yes
source Person quoted No
width Width of quote No Include measurement, such as em (recommended) or % or px; e.g. 22em
align Alignment of quote No Either left or right

If align is not set, the quote is centred across the width of the page. Otherwise, the quote is aligned to the left or right, as specified, and other text is wrapped around it.


This template is mainly for "pull" quotes; that is, bits of text that are found elsewhere in the article, but are highlighted by also being used with this template. For this reason, no provision is included for showing a reference.

Another possible use is for a quote that sets the theme, like some authors use at the start of a chapter. See Biblical worldview for an example.

Normal quotes should use the {{quote}} template, which allows for more than one paragraph of quoted text, as well as a reference.

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