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Template:Railway date table

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For readability, dates in the main article generally only provide the month and year.
This sortable list supplies exact dates.

Click on a column heading button to sort that column.
Shift-click on a second button for a secondary sort on that column.
Repeat for a third and fourth column if desired.

Category Location/section Date Event

Template: Railway date table
Use on/in Articles about railway lines.
Use for List of dates table
Category template applies to page (none)
Template Parameters
(See Template style manual).
Name Purpose Required? SMW property Comment
1 The list of dates Yes This is a list of {{Railway date}} templates.
float How, if at all, the table is to be floated No See explanation below.

This template provides the outline of a sortable table of railway dates. The individual rows of the table are made from a series of {{Railway date}} templates.

If the table is to be "floated" (to allow text to wrap around the table), the float parameter can be set to left or right to move the table to the respective side of the page. In this case, the table and accompanying text has a border around it.

See {{Railway date}} for a detailed explanation of these tables.

Data block

The data block below can be copied to the page required to save typing it out.

If a parameter in the data block below has a hash character (#), this indicates that the template supplies a default if the parameter is not supplied. Remove the hash if you want to supply a value to this parameter. See Data block on the Template style manual page for more information.

NB: This data block contains three {{Railway date}} outlines, one in each of three different formats. It is recommended that you delete the two that you don't wish to use, delete the notes at the end of the lines, and copy your preferred form and paste it for each date in the table.

{{Railway date table
 |{{Railway date|(category)|s=|date prefix=|dt=|date suffix=|e=}}<!--single date parameter -->
 |{{Railway date|(category)|s=|date prefix=|d=|m=|y=|date suffix=|e=}}<!--Separate parameters for date, month, and year -->
 |{{Railway date|(category)|s=|date prefix=|m=|d=|y=|date suffix=|e=}}<!--Separate parameters for date, month, and year, but in U.S. date order -->
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