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Template:Timeline section

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A time period

Template: Timeline section
Use on/in Within {{timeline bar}} templates
Use for A section of a timeline
Category template applies to page (none)
Template Parameters
(See Template style manual).
Name Purpose Required? SMW property Comment
start Start of timeline section (year) Yes
end End of timeline section (year) Yes
tl start Start of entire timeline (year) No Defaults to 4004 B.C.
tl end End of entire timeline (year) No Defaults to this year (2019)
start colour Colour of section or start of section No Defaults to transparent. See Colours, below.
middle colour Colour of middle of bar No See Colours, below. NOT YET PROVIDED
end colour Colour of middle of bar No See Colours, below. NOT YET PROVIDED
alpha start No NOT YET PROVIDED
alpha middle No NOT YET PROVIDED
alpha year 1 (year) No NOT YET PROVIDED
alpha year 2 (year) No NOT YET PROVIDED
text Display text No
align Alignment of text within section No Defaults to "center"

This template can produce the following timeline bar sections:

  • A transparent bar
  • A bar of a single colour
  • A bar grading from one colour to another
  • ...more

NB: Apart from the transparent or single-colour bar, these options have not yet been provided.


The following would generate a yellow bar indicating the lifetime of Sir Isaac Newton in a timeline from the year 1 A.D. to the present.

{{Timeline section
 |tl start=1
 |start colour=yellow
 |text=Isaac Newton
Data block

The data block below can be copied to the page required to save typing it out.

If a parameter in the data block below has a hash character (#), this indicates that the template supplies a default if the parameter is not supplied. Remove the hash if you want to supply a value to this parameter. See Data block on the Template style manual page for more information.

{{Timeline section
 |start        =
 |end          =
 |#tl start     =
 |#tl end       =
 |start colour =
 |#middle colour=
 |#end colour   =
 |#alpha start  =
 |#alpha middle =
 |#alpha end    =
 |#alpha year 1 =
 |#alpha year 2 =
 |text         =
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