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id info

Template: Userbox
Use on/in Your user page.
Use for Making userboxes -- small, possibly illustrated text boxes containing a piece of information about a user.
Category template applies to page (none)
Template Parameters
(See Template style manual).
Name Purpose Required? SMW property Comment
border-c border color no
border-s border width in pixels no
id id text or image no
id-c id background color no
id-fc id font color no
id-s id text size no
id-p id cell padding space no
id-lh id line height no
id-op id other parameter (CSS) no
id-w id box width no
id-h id box height no
info info text no
info-c info background color no
info-fc info font color no
info-s info text size no
info-p info padding (distance between cell contents & cell border) no
info-lh info line height (or distance in between text lines) no
info-op info other (CSS) parameter(s) no

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