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Uncyclopedia is a parody wiki, satirising Wikipedia and similar sites. Much of the content of Uncyclopedia is not family-friendly and some of it mocks Christianity, Islam, and Judaism to name a few of their rougher topics.

Common topics which are parodied include celebrities, evolution, global warming, creationism, conservatism, liberalism (to a lesser extent), history, current events, sports, politics, and mass media. It has several offshoots including UnNews which parodies current events or fabricates completely false news stories, a How-To series, and UnBestiary (a parody of Wikispecies)

Uncyclopedia's stated goal is to "provide the world's misinformation in the least redeeming and most searingly sarcastic and humorous way possible, through satire". Its articles parody, ridicule, and fabricate information to the extent where very little, if any, factual accuracy remains. Uncyclopedia also has strict rules on what content is actually funny, though much of what is approved is actually quite crude.

Uncyclopedia is hosted by Wikia and contains over 30,000 articles.


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