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Location Northeastern United States
Membership Member
Joined 12 April, 2009
Expertise mathematics, science
Status active

Greetings to the "aSK" community. Some of you may remember me from CP, where I attempted to improve the math and science offerings. I intend to do the same things here. I had a horrible time over there; I expect things to go well here.

I have chosen Easter Sunday, April 12 2009, as the day of my "rebirth".

SamHB 05:12, 12 April 2009 (UTC)

Because I'm still not sure CP sysops aren't harvesting IP addresses, I'm still using proxies. I'd like to change to direct use, but that will have to wait until I am certain that no malicious people who like to publicize identifying information will ever get checkuser privileges here. I think you know who I'm talking about. However I've switched from the most recent proxy that I had been using at CP (, a really awful and spamful proxy) to For the last few months at CP I was hopping from one proxy to another to evade TK's IP blocks and range blocks. Then, when he instituted the policy that both the IP and the users involved would be banned whenever two users used the same proxy, I got banned. Along with user "AlanS", who he thinks I must be a sock of, and won't believe me when I say that I am not. I no longer need to worry about proxies being "TK-clean"—I can use any proxy I want.

I'll have more to say later. About math, about math pedagogy, and about my experiences at CP. The latter isn't pretty. I will, of course, abide by the rules here.

I have created my first math article, Riemann integral, to test things out. It's the article I was trying to get the powers that be at CP to accept, when I finally gave up. I'll have more to say about that amazing experience later.

My User and User Talk Pages at Conservapedia

In the aftermath of the Riemann incident, TK deleted my user and talk pages. I consider them to be an important part of my history and of my reason for being here. They are here and here.

The Riemann Integral Incident

While I would rather look forward on aSK than engage in endless recriminations, the circumstances of my coming to aSK are deeply entwined with an extremely serious incident at Conservapedia, involving my attempts to improve the "Riemann Integral" article.

A number of people have asked what's going on with the Riemann integral page at CP, and did it have anything to do with me. Yes, it all started when I saw that it was (quite rightly) up for nomination for featured article, and the votes were 2-0 in favor. I contacted the committee (I'm blocked, and had to use email) and told them that I thought it was an excellent article, but didn't properly address what the title indicates. (That is, it didn't say what Riemann's contribution actually was, and hence why we call it the Riemann integral.) I offered to fix same, and submit the new page. Things went rapidly downhill once TK stepped in, ultimately leading to his just deleting the whole thing!

I have placed a summary of this here


In May 2010, I went over to Wikiversity. In November 2011, I moved to Ameriwiki.

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