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A Storehouse of Knowledge is different from a number of other encyclopaedias, and this page describes some of those differences. This information is to help readers understand how we differ, and is not intended as an attack on the encyclopaedias listed.



Everyone has a worldview, and this effectively applies to encyclopaedias as well.

Wikipedia Strives to have a "neutral point of view", but fails miserably when it comes to issues with a biblical component. Rather than a "neutral" point of view prevailing, the views of those with the greatest numbers and power prevails.
Citizendium Strives to be neutral, but despite claiming that articles can be written neutrally, admits that "There are virtually no topics that could not proceed without making some assumptions that someone would find controversial"[1], and says this in the context of a topic (evolution) that is very controversial.[2]
Conservapedia Claims to be "conservative" and Christian, but is more political than Christian and is strongly biased towards the views of the site owner, even when other conservatives and Christians disagree.
A Storehouse of Knowledge States its biblical worldview up front.

Encyclopaedic content

Wikipedia Criteria for inclusion is not truth, but verifiability. This limits content to that which can be referenced by sources that the site considers "reliable", and excludes original research.
Citizendium Criteria for inclusion is accuracy, with experts and approving articles and a dispute resolution process handling disagreements on content.[1] Original research is forbidden, although this may not be as restrictive as Wikipedia, as it is described as content which would "imply new theories or analyses".[3]
Conservapedia Criteria for inclusion is not clearly defined, although there is no ban on original research.
A Storehouse of Knowledge Criteria for inclusion is truth, and original research is not only permitted, but catered for with a Research namespace, although original research still needs to demonstrate its validity.

Non-Encyclopaedic content

Wikipedia Apart from their news section, has little non-encyclopaedic content, although related projects include a dictionary.
Citizendium Has little non-encyclopaedic content.
Conservapedia As well as the articles, has debates, essays, and school lessons plus political news on the front page. The debates, essays, and school lessons are given almost equal weight to the articles by not being in separate sections.[4]
A Storehouse of Knowledge As well as the articles, has essays, although these are not given the same prominence as the articles.[4] There is also a list of mentions that A Storehouse of Knowledge receives, and where appropriate, rebuttals of criticisms.


Wikipedia Allows contributions by both registered and unregistered contributors.
Citizendium Allows contributions only by registered contributors, with approved "editors" having more authority than "authors".
Conservapedia Allows contributions only by registered contributors.
A Storehouse of Knowledge Allows contributions only by registered contributors.


Wikipedia Apart from normal contributors, there are elected Administrators to police the site and a few other higher-level positions.
Citizendium Contributors are divided into "authors" and "editors", the latter having more authority regarding content. There are also "constables" to police the site.
Conservapedia Authority to upload images, block other users, and edit when editing is otherwise shut down overnight U.S. time is granted supposedly on merit but in practice usually on whether the site owner likes the person. Administrators, appointed the same way, police the site and have almost unlimited power to enforce their will.
A Storehouse of Knowledge Contributors are divided into "non-members", "members", and "senior members", with each having more rights or authority. There is a separation of powers, with elected positions to police the site ("sheriffs") and elected committees to review the decisions of sheriffs, policies, and article content when necessary. (Note that these positions are not elected yet, but will be once A Storehouse of Knowledge is large enough to have elections.)

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