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A Storehouse of Knowledge aims to be family-friendly, but because it is an open web-site that anybody can edit, we cannot guarantee that nothing will ever appear on the site that is not family-friendly. This page explains what you can expect and what we will do about it.



We forbid the presence of objectionable material. Furthermore, we will remove objectionable material as soon as we become aware of it. (This is unlike Wikipedia which allows limited use of objectionable material,[1] in articles which they consider are more informative with it, so this affects only a very small percentage of their articles.)

Links to other sites

Links from A Storehouse of Knowledge pages to other websites are generally not allowed if the pages linked to on the other websites have objectionable material. If there is strong reason to link to a page (such as a news report) with, say, some foul language, a warning will be placed next to the link. However, we make no inference that the rest of the website linked to is free of objectionable material.

Rules and procedures

Removal vs. Deletion

On this page, we use "removal" and similar words to refer to the editing-out or reversion of text or references to pictures in articles or other pages. And we use "deletion" and similar words to refer to the permanent deletion of the entire article or other page, the picture itself, or an edit from a page's history.


In order for a picture to be included in an article, two steps are required:

  • "Upload" the picture to A Storehouse of Knowledge. A page is created just for that picture.
  • Insert a reference to that picture in one or more articles.

To remove a picture from an article, any contributor can remove the reference. The picture, however, remains available to be referenced again until deleted.

We have in place rules and procedures designed to reduce the possibility of objectionable material being posted, but we don't wish to discourage good-faith edits by being overly restrictive. We therefore cannot guarantee that no objectionable material will ever be posted.

The following lists how we restrict the inclusion of, and deal with, objectionable material.

  • Contributors cannot upload pictures to the site until they have been approved as a likely legitimate editor.
  • Inclusion of clearly-objectionable material will result in the offenders being disciplined. Discipline includes demotion back to ordinary contributor (i.e. without the ability to upload pictures) or being banned from the site.
  • Any contributor can remove objectionable material, including references to pictures (see box at right), from articles or other pages.
  • Senior members have the ability to delete objectionable articles and pictures.
  • Especially-objectionable content will, as far as possible, be deleted from a page's history by a Bureaucrat using the Oversight function. In this case, objectionable material cannot be viewed even by stepping back through the history of an article.
  • For borderline cases, the material will be temporarily removed but the matter will be referred to our Content Review Committee for further consideration.
  • If you find clearly-objectionable material which has not been removed and/or deleted:
    • If you have registered here, please remove it yourself and leave a note on our message page.
    • If you have not registered here, please leave us a message.


  1. See Wikipedia's guideline on Offensive material for details.
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