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This page lists projects designed to improve this site.


Threaded discussion

Would threaded discussion be better?

Project link: /Threaded discussion

The existing logo is a temporary one, from a clip-art site. This project is to create a permanent logo.

Project link: /Logo

Semantic MediaWiki

Should we install Semantic MediaWiki?

Project link: /Semantic MediaWiki

Update: Semantic MediaWiki has been installed.

Copyright templates

We need copyright templates for image pages.

Project link: /Copyright templates


Can we do better than the default MediaWiki Monobook skin?

Project link: /skin

Article information boxes

Can we design a nice collapsible article information box?

Project link: /Article information box


We need one (or more) templates for essays.

Project link: /Essays

Update: A template has been created, although improvements could be made to the way that essays are done.

Sanction Policy

Block guidelines have been proposed. We we need a broad sanction policy.

Project link: /Sanction policy

Technical improvements

Some technical improvements could make this wiki better.

Project link: /Technical improvements

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